Thursday, November 5, 2015

Since giving up Diet Coke (yaaaaa me!), I have learned to love coffee. It kind of started while I was doing the Military Diet a few months ago when no sodas were allowed, only coffee. How would I ever make it with NO Diet Coke??? Well, I did, and it was much easier than I expected. I did, however, NEED caffeine to survive (I know, so dramatic) so I looked forward to that cup of coffee each morning. I really do need a jolt in the morning to get me started!

The coffee drinking at our house consisted of one or two cups a year (usually when we had boiled fish (that melting cheese in your coffee thing is weird, I know, but sooo good). Logan was always the big coffee drinker (still is), but the rest of us just didn't get it. Wanda has been trying to sell the idea to me for years, but I never seemed to understand the obsession.

I bought a small Keurig a few years ago, but soon packed it away because nobody ever used it and it was taking up much needed space on the kitchen counter. Since moving the microwave to the shelf over the stove, I now had a space for the coffee maker, and since I would now be using it at least once a day, why not make it a pretty space!

I saw several ideas on Pinterest, most of them displaying Rae Dunn mugs on a wire drying rack from World Market. SOLD!

I ordered the wire rack (HERE) and found a few Rae Dunn mugs at Marshall's last weekend. I also added some of the mugs from my white set of dishes.

I bought a weathered wood tray and two jars to hold pods and stevia packets.
And, I finally found a place to display the cow creamer sister gave me!

I really like my new coffee station....even if it is just coffee for one!



Shellbell said...

I think I may do a "coffee" station. I'm getting new curtains and a new rug for my dining area and have a small buffet that just holds random stuff. I'm insipired to now move my keriug and supplies there.

Susan Crockett said...

I love it! It turned out nice. Pictures please! :0)

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