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Stitch Fix Review - January 2017

Stitch Fix #3 - January 2017

I got my monthly email to set up my next Stitch Fix shipment, and I already knew my requests!
About a week or so before your box is shipped, you get an email from Stitch Fix asking for ideas for your shipment. Your stylist will (or at least mine does...Thanks again Litsa!!) read your requests along with looking at your style board on Pinterest to get ideas on what to send you (that hopefully, you'll LOVE)! 

I took a screenshot this time of my requests just so I'd remember.....

I was super excited to receive my box of goodies, especially since my first two boxes had been a win!
My box arrived via USPS yesterday, and here is what I got (do I see stripes and buffalo plaid??? squeal!!)......

(1) TOMS Classic Slip-On Flats - $48
Yaaa!! These were on my list, so, definitely a win!! Actually, RED wouldn't have been my first choice, but paired with the other items in the box, I love them!! And.....check out this outfit I pinned paired with the red Toms...I already have all the pieces for this outfit...LOVE! [KEEP]

Stitch Fix ♥️
source: Pinterest

(2) Market & Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest - $68

I did request a solid colored vest, and I do love the style and fit, but I just wasn't sold on the color (I really couldn't capture the exact color with my iPad camera). It's more of an emerald than the spruce or olive green that I love. Maybe if it had been fall or before the holidays, I may have kept it, but I was thinking more of a pink or something lighter colored. I didn't specify, and I have pinned vests in a similar green color, so it's really not my stylist's fault, plus I could buy a quilted vest much cheaper than $68. [RETURN]

(3) Papermoon Kalan Woven Knit Detail Top - $54


and back....

A striped shirt was #1 on my list this month. I had pinned a bunch of them, especially those with the elbow patches on them. I really liked the top that was sent, mainly because it was so lightweight it could be worn all 4 seasons, and I love the detail on back. But after trying it on, it just didn't look that great on me. The band on the back kind of made it pull around the waist (think maternity tops that tied in the back (do they even make those anymore???), LOL, but anyhow, it made me feel like my belly was the focus in this top....not good...not good at all. :O( So, while I loved this top, it just didn't love me! [RETURN]

(4) Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan - $48

Cardigans were on my list and I love, love, love this one. Love the fit and that it is lightweight, you can't tell by the pic, but on, it kind of hung so it was shirred in the front, pocket area, it really hung nicely. Very flattering. I had suggested a burgundy tunic, so I love the color, but that's the problem....I have one very similar to this already. BUMMER!!!! :O( I would have kept it for sure if it had been another color. My picture doesn't do this cardigan justice (and I haven't worked up my nerve yet to show the clothes with me in them...LOL). :O) Sadly, this one is a [RETURN]

(5) Olive & Oak Kyrie Two-Pocket Top - $58

This was my favorite item in the box. My stylist scored with this one....I LOVE the plaid & red/black buffalo combo!!! I so wanted to keep this, buttttt it was cut so short, I just didn't feel great in it. Layered it was fine, but I don't always like to layer (since I always feel like it's 6,000 degrees - but that's a story for another day). So, bottom line, while I absolutely LOVED it it and was so happy that my stylist had really listened to my requests, I will try again with both a plaid and a striped shirt next month. BUMMER!!! [sadly....RETURN]

Thoughts: I decided before I started SF, if I thought I wouldn't wear the item a lot, I wouldn't buy, even if I kind of liked it. I ended up this month keeping one item, the TOMS. I'm not disappointed though, because (a) I bought myself one item this month that I've been wanting, (b) I loved all the pieces my stylist chose this month and had they fit, would have added a few more pieces from my wish-list to my closet, (c) I rarely shop for me (well, at least don't go specifically shopping for me) in the stores, so this is a treat!, (d) if I do shop in stores I HATE trying stuff on in dressing rooms (can I get an AMEN??), and (e) getting happy mail is just plain out FUN!!! There are actually tons more reasons why I'm loving Stitch Fix, and for now, still, after three shipments, I'm still a fan!

If I had kept all 5 items, the cost would have been $187.00 ($276.00 - 25% off - $20 stylist fee), but I only kept the shoes, and paid $28 (plus my $20 stylist fee)---no tax or shipping fee.

Read all about Stitch Fix [HERE] and if you sign up,
please use my referral #9993849.
There was something extra in my box this month! How cool is it that Stitch Fix has linked up with this program where you can now donate your unwanted clothes and household items to Goodwill!!!! This helps even more with my buy something-get rid of something plan! I'll share more about this in an upcoming post.

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