Sunday, December 28, 2014

christmas 2014 {part 4}

holly jolly

My sister and nephew arrived on Friday to celebrate the holidays with us! They stopped on their way here to see Lindsey & Allie.
<3 <3

Once they got here, we exchanged a few more gifts and ate a little lot more food.

Yesterday was family game day.....

I love games....and I especially....

...LOVE scrabble!!!! <3

My family is not on the same page where games (particularly scrabble) are concerned.
Peter is out all together (he was working anyway), Dad is pretty on board, Mom is "learning" the game (although I think that may be her strategy), Nathan was uninterested (more on this later), Derek is super-serious and competitive, and sister.....well, see her expression in next picture.....

....we were lucky to get one game out of her!! :O)

That leaves me!

I've been told I may be a tad competitive...(but only just a tad)!!

Game 1 was pretty uneventful, and ended with me winning!!! :O)

For Game 2, we decided to make it interesting and pair up. Mom and Dad were on teams, Derek and I teamed up....uh oh!

Nathan decided Gran and Pop needed help and ended up joining in (actually took over the game!) much for not loving scrabble. LOL

Teaming up Derek and I wasn't such a good idea. Our "team" consisted of him controlling the tiles, and NOT listening to my word combo suggestions. LOL
Sister was secretly videoing some of game....while the above pictures look like we are playing a friendly, family game of scrabble, this video shows the real story!

I should have shared my motto about game playing before we started!!!!

Just a bit competitive! LOL

Derek ended up deserting me..........and joined the other side.
I miraculously scored enough points though to make the game a tie in the end!!!!

We had so much fun and are still laughing about it. I'm hoping to get a re-match before Derek leaves on Wednesday....but we will definitely NOT be partners this time (I'm sure the feeling is mutual)!!
One more picture from Christmas 2014....
I got this picture of Dad today sporting all of his Dolphins gear.
Nathan usually gets him something and this year Logan did too! Go Dolphins....

 What a wonderful holiday I have had with my family!!!!

Merry + Happy

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