Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 16 O' Christmas Tree!

[DAY 16]

This is our 4th Christmas buying a live tree. I love them! I had never had a live tree up until 2011, when we got our first one, and while Peter heads to the artificial tree section every year, I have managed to convince him (so far) to stick with a fresh tree. Once we get it home and decorate it, he loves it, but he would go back to those pain-in-the-neck fake trees in a heartbeat! :O(

In the past, we've found beautiful trees at Lowe's, this year, the selection was horrible. We ended up checking out a local place {How Sweet It Is} and every tree on the lot was gorgeous! I was in tree heaven!

Also, we normally put clear or a combo of clear/red lights on the tree, but this year Peter wanted multi-color lights {LED at that}. We got them, and while I think the tree is beautiful, it looks so different this year {with all the colors and the brightness}. I have finally gotten used to it. I went with the burlap garland again this year, and of course, all of our mix-matched collection of special ornaments. We always add at least one new one each year.

Our two additions this year:

2014 Disney Ornament

special hunting trip ornament

As you can see, our tree is a hodge-podge....no themes here....but she's a beaut! :O)

~OUR 2014 TREE~

Peter looking for his gifts...some things never change!! :O)

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