Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 23 {my day}

[Day 23]
....it's crazy busy, but somehow I'm not stressed at all this year (well, maybe just a little)
here's a look at my day....
it all began with laundry
shower, get dressed, breakfast
breakfast of champions! :O)
it was my day to care for M-I-L, so next, I went to her house to get her breakfast
finished wrapping gifts
watered the tree
made all of the dips on my menu
Peter came home for lunch
went back to make lunch for M-I-L
came back and started baking
made a pot of clam chowder for dinner
took dinner to M-I-L
finished baking
cleaned the laundry room
cleaned the bathroom
cleaned our bedroom & put sheets on the bed
finally, at 10:00....I get to spend a few minutes blogging....before bath, jammies, & bedtime!


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