Sunday, October 16, 2011

Destination Disney: The Letter "P"

Pocahontas & Logan - 2010
Mickey Pumpkin
Pot Roast @ 50's Prime Time {yummy!!!}
Pluto w/Nathan & Logan - 2010
Peter Pan's Flight
Pink Power Ranger in the Parade
Piglet w/Nathan -2008
Pooh w/Nathan - 2008
Lots of Disney "P" words to choose from!!


Heidi said...

P is so much easier than N and O were! Love your pictures this week. We're looking forward to trying the Prime Time Cafe for the first time on our next trip!

nammypammy said...

Love the posts, the family “subjects” especially!! Seeing the difference in a child in just three short years amazes me. What a handsome family, especially those two sons ))))

Susan said...

Heidi - you are gonna love 50's PT....not only is it fun, but the food is so good!
Pam - thanks for following my blog! I think it's amazing too how fast they grow up! So glad I took pictures/ videos through the years! :O)

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