Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The desk....

I needed a desk for my new room, but I didn't want just any old desk. I didn't want one of those particle board, put-it -together yourself desks from Walmart or Target, and I didn't want something that was going to cost more than the room project itself {yes, I know, I know, call me cheap!}, it wasn't about the money though really, because if it's something I really, really {love}, then I don't mind spending the $$. It was more about finding a one of a kind desk, something really unique. Remember, I don't love matchy-matchy furniture or something everybody else already has. I have been trying to convince Peter to go to Goodwill with me to look for something there. I had even thought that a small, narrow table might work, since the computer we have {thanks Logan for leaving it behind} has a huge 24" monitor. Peter is the complete opposite of me when it comes to buying things. He is your typical "let's go to the furniture store and buy the biggest & best desk they've got, and pay an arm and a leg for it". LOL I guess I'm exaggerating just a bit! Anyway, getting back to the desk.....the strangest thing happened yesterday. I was talking to Mom on the phone {our usual morning chat} and we kept hearing my neighbor talking at the same time. We decided to end our chat and I told her I'd call her when I got to work {which, btw, yesterday was my very last day of work for the season!!!!!} So, once I got to work, I called Mom and went upstairs to the old office, that isn't used anymore, to talk. While I was sitting there talking....I saw it.....the desk....MY desk!!!! It's been there forever! Why hadn't I seen it before??? It's perfect! I just {love} it!!!! It does need some TLC...a coat of paint and some new hardware{see pictures below}, but it's perfect!!! Peter and I went to get it last night, and I set it up as is for now, but I can't wait to give it a make-over. In the meantime, here it is....don't you just love it???

New hardware:

I've been wanting to use these knobs somewhere, they will look great on the desk!!! I'll post pictures of the updated look as soon as it's complete.

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Kara said...

I DO love it!! We need a new desk also more particle board! Glad you found what you were looking for in such a convenient place!
Sounds like the tide has been up there with the phone thing going on....LOL


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