Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kamry's 1st Birthday!!!

[warning: major picture overload ahead] :O)

Kamry turns ONE!!

Pop, Gran, & Derek

Uncle Donnie

Bailee & Aunt Carol

Aunt Carol


Gammy and Kate


cousin time!

Pop Pop Rob is funny!! :O)

present time.....

Peppa!!! (George)

Allie Mae joining the party!!

Pop & Nathan 


Can I give that neck 1,000 kisses???!!

Sissy & Derek


flashback to Logan's 1st birthday when Pop Pop Junie
buried Logan's hand in his smash cake!!! Good memories!!! :O)

She REALLY loved that cake!!


Clean-Up Crew!!

(Thank goodness for filters!!!) LOLOL

The rain cleared!! :O)

Anytime my boys are are together is a good day!!

~a little impromptu photo shoot~

little ham....

so nosey! :O)

"they say this guy is my twin"...LOL

the very first time they saw her.....

"look at me now!!!"

"The days are long but the years are short."

Gammy, Kate, Zach, & Robby

that's my brother....:O) :O)

Gammy & Nana

Logan, Nathan, & Derek

Pop Pop Rob, Robby, Zach & Kate

Uncle Nate :O)

This picture wasn't very clear but it was our only family pic!!

Happy 1st Birthday!!!!!

  • Mommy....Daddy....Peppa(George)...this pretty much sums it up! Kamry thinks Daddy is hilarious! She has inherited his adventurous side and is a "social butterfly" just like him. Already, when they are at a restaurant, she is stretching her neck taking everything in or coying people over to their table with that sweet smile! And then there's Momma! They are buddies. They have literally spent every day together since the day she was born. Kamry's content, calm, sweet side shines brightest when Mommy is around! Total devotion has brought Kamry to where she is today! This 2 lb. 12 oz. little girl had a rough and scary entrance into this world, but from the minute she was born she has felt nothing but love, happiness, and security from her parents, family, friends, and even her favorite pig, Peppa! We love you so much sweet Kamry and wish you the Happiest 1st Birthday ever!!! 


----Kamry's Birth Story post {HERE}

----officially ONE!!.....posted @8:54 p.m.

{side note: a few highlights---Pop Pop was at work, Kayla was sick, the "N" balloon adventure, the funny family photo shoot, and Peppa Pig!}

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Margaret Seagraves said...

What a WONDERFUL event to celebrate the 1st birthday of such a miracle baby, Kamry!!! I love the pictures! They are absolutely precious and such windows into the love that Kamry is surrounded with! That's why she has thrived so well...because of all the love that has uplifted and embraced her!
Blessings to all of you!! Margaret xoxoxo

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