Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Rae Dunn Craze!

I've been wanting to share my thoughts for quite awhile on this whole Rae Dunn phenomena. Personally, I really love many of the Rae Dunn pottery items, especially the mugs! But for me, part of the fun is searching for pieces of RD on my occasional visits to Marshalls, Home Goods, and TJMaxx. On a recent shopping trip, I had the chance to go into two Marshall's stores and a Home Goods all on the same day. Here's how it went.....

Marshall's #1 - We had dinner in Ocean City, and since we were right there, we popped into Marshall's to see if I could find any RD goodies. I scoured the store and found nothing!! I asked one of the workers if she knew if there was any in the store (and she kind of/ not really knew what was talking about) and said there wasn't. So, I kept browsing, and remembered that I wanted to pick up a new food bowl for Jaxson. Well look what I found in the pet section!!!

Two doggie canisters! I was so excited to get the WOOF one for Wanda's birthday, but didn't think the STAY one would work for me since I have a cat. So, I left it on the shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, once up to the counter, I'm all giddy by now, and I ask the clerk (as I put my canister on the counter) if she knows if there is any more Rae Dunn in the store. She said (and I quote), "No, that stuff goes out of here as fast as it comes in. There are a couple of girls who leave their numbers and we call them as soon as we get anything new in." Whatttttt??????? She also went further and said " they buy it all up and resell it on Ebay for a fortune" Whatttttt???????? (I've since looked some of the items up and the canisters are priced in the hundreds of dollars!!!) By now, I'm pretty aggravated, because while I had heard this was being done, to hear a clerk say it, just made me so mad/frustrated!!!!

I later kicked myself for not getting the STAY canister, because I saw it on IG a few days later in someone's kitchen used without the lid as a vase full greenery!!! Duh....STAY....Stay awhile.....OMG....I'm just so not with it!! All I could think of was "hey dog...stay"!! :O( I don't even want to talk about it!:O( And, not to mention, how, I couldn't use it so I didn't buy it just to mark up the price and resell it!!!!


Marshall's #2 - So, frustrated, I go into the second store in Salisbury and start browsing the isles. I actually came across a couple of mugs that said MR. on them. I so didn't want to go home empty handed, so I put one in my cart. Again, I asked the clerks if they had anymore RD in the store, and they looked at one another and then one replied "no, that stuff flies out of here as soon as it comes in". Wellllllll, no wonder!!!!! :O(

I was actually looking for some holiday RD for Valentine's Day, but no luck yet!! I do like the MR. mug and usually make Peter's coffee in it, so he has a cute mug too!! :O)

Home Goods - my last chance that day was Home Goods. I headed straight to the dishes section and went all up and down the isles. Finally, I just plain out asked a clerk if they had any Rae Dunn, and she pretty much laughed at me! She said they had had TONS of the holiday stuff but it was gone almost before it could be put on the shelves....well surprise, surprise!! :O( She told me to check out the check-out isle on the mug racks. Yea, like there would be a surplus's really not funny! Nothing...nada....zilch....struck out completely!! :O(

Seriously though, all I wanted from the store was one stinkin' holiday mug....but Noooooo!!

I ended up getting one Valentine's Day item from another IG girl selling at cost (plus shipping). Well good for her!!! <3 Thanks again @thelittlegreenbean

I'm not a big collector, but I do love an occasional cute mug and at least one holiday item.

At this rate though, my collection will stay very small. I was lucky though that Wanda just happened to be shopping there the week the Spring stuff had been put out and snagged me a bunny mug then later gave me a set of plates for my birthday!!! Yaaa!!!!

So, be on the lookout for these highly sought after pieces of clay.....
they'll either have the old MAGENTA markings on them 
or the newer RAE DUNN stamp....
and if you find them.....
you might want to grab a few (but leave one or two for me please!!!! :O)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have quite a few mugs (right now the QUEEN and MOM) and a carrot dish. email me:

Anonymous said...

This Rae Dunn craze has left many HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshalls associates at their wits end. People are stalking the stores, creating scenes, accusing sales associates of hiding items from the customers --- on and on. It's a NIGHTMARE. As an employee of one of the above mentioned stores I for one am sick of these hoards of women and their uninvited accusations and comments to us as employees. They ARE reselling it at a huge markup and they are liars ---- don't buy it and perhaps it will once again become available to the HONEST people who actually collect this line

Anonymously yours.....a fed up sales associate to the awful people

Stephanie said...

Amen! It frustrates me as I have just purchased my 1 & only Rae Dunn bowl but the Tj Max workers roll there eyes THANKS TO THE CRAZY WOMEN THAT BUY IT ALL! Shame on you for other people wanting a small collection as they like it! Here is one for you GET A JOB THE WORKING PEOPLE CANT BUY ANY DUE TO YOU GREEDY PEOPLE"nicest word I can come up with"!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing your story I loved it & hope to maybe find some pieces myself soon

Jordann@JHouseTawk said...

I'm an actual collector for myself only lol.. I can't stand hearing this about psycho resellers.., let us who can't afford quadruple the price a chance at buying. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

To the Employees of the above mentioned stores. The reason employees are being accused of this is because they are keeping it all for them selves. I personally have seen a video from a friend of an employees pretending to be off work with a cart while another employees brings her out the Rae Dunn. She then goes while on her break and purchases the items. This is not fair!! Not one bit!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I am an employee of one of the stores and can tell you its gotten crazy!! Customers grilling us constantly and even accusing us of hiding it! This just isn't true. The company only lets employee's purchase off the clock. Rae Dunn is an excluded iteam for hold and must be put on the shelf and employee's can only purchase during OPEN business hours. We get hard core crazy RD people that freak out if an employee buys an iteam. We have had to break up screaming matches between customers fighting over RD. Its just super super competitive and any reason people can find to up their odds. They will take and do whatever it takes.