Sunday, April 16, 2017

morning coffee chat catch-up

started the week off with NO coffee...and wisdom teeth surgery!! 

spent the night with Lindsey & Kamry after surgery
still couldn't have anything hot, so iced it is!!

hadn't eaten anything in 2 days (a world record for me) woke up starving!!!
AND...finally! COFFEE!! :O)

creamer of the week.....and back to my new fave coffee....

I like the Entenmann's breakfast blend, but I really love this Folger's Gourmet Morning Cafe'.

back to reality!!


H*a*P*p*Y   E*a*S*t*e*R

Thinking of Mom Mom Annie especially this weekend. She passed her love of holidays down to me along with many good memories and keepsakes, including this ceramic bunny that she gave me when I was a little girl. #happyeaster #grandmothers #family #keepsakes #vintage #candydish #jellybeans #love

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