Monday, April 3, 2017

{my birthday week}

My Birthday Week
(a little late!)

I feel so loved and blessed!!! 
(and more 5 than 52 because I got to celebrate 
my birthday for an entire week!!) :O)

It started on 3/11 when Peter I went to watch Kamry for the night. Logan and Lindsey had plans to meet friends for dinner, and spend the night in O.C. We were more than happy to babysit!
We made a quick trip to Pocomoke that morning to pick up a few things, then headed to their house for the rest of the weekend. 

We hung out, did a few things around the house, and I got Kamry down for a nap.
Robby and Melinda came by to meet Kamry before they headed to O.C to meet up with other friends. 
They left around 3:00, just as Uncle Robert and Aunt Gina stopped by to meet Kamry! 
They've been trying forever to get there, and it finally worked out. 
We all had the best visit!! Kamry loved all of the company! 
I took TONS of pics, but they are on Peter's phone. Hopefully, I'll remember to add more later!

No cooking today---Peter picked up Chinese!!!

After dinner, play time, story time, bath time, and night bottle, she fell asleep by 8:30! :O)

and then..................................some little stinker woke up 
around 10:00, ready for more playtime!!! 

This was Lindsey's very first night away from Kamry. We had watched her while they went to a wedding and Logan's class reunion last year, but they came home before morning. Lindsey had mixed emotions about leaving her, but they really needed a couple's night, and Kamry made out just fine with Nana and Pop Pop! :O) :O) :O)

Kamry wasn't fussy, just wide-eyed, but I finally got her back to bed around 11:30. 
She slept all night, waking around 6:00 for a bottle, but fell back asleep before finishing it and ended up sleeping until 10:30!!!! :O) (The time change might have helped!!) ;O)

I got up early for some quiet time.....and some of the cookies that Robby's sister had sent and cookies.....yes please!!

They got home after one and Kamry was so happy to see them!!!
So glad they were able to get away together, and thankful for that special time for us with Kamry!

They sent me home with the cutest gift basket for my birthday!

All that week I got cards, phone calls, and gifts. I kind of like this birthday "week" stuff!!

(Isn't that too sweet- my friend Margaret sent Kamry a birthday card too!!) <3

:O) :O) :O)

I got some birthday cash/gift cards and these awesome gifts.... :O)

cute summer "coffee" stirrers from sister

and along with this pretty water bottle.....
 this beautiful weathered picture and boxes from Nathan & Kayla

Rae Dunn plates from my BFF, Wanda <3

I made a BIRTHDAY cake!!
Mom, Dad, Nathan, & Kayla came to enjoy it with me!

Got to spend a little extra time with Nathan! 

What an awesome birthday {week}!!
:O) :O) :O)
I am blessed beyond measure and truly loved! <3

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