Friday, November 25, 2016

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Friday November 25, 2016

1. Outside my window.......
nice fall day! Temps: 50

2. Current Status.....
feeling thankful!

3. In the kitchen.....
leftover turkey dinner!!! YUM!!

4. In the backyard.....
hung all the wreaths today but still need to weed 
the flower bed and get rid of all the pumpkins 
before decorating outside!!!

5. A favorite quote this week.....

Blessing 🍃🍂🍁:

6. from the board {Pinterest}.....

We'll be needing Reindeer Food this year!!! :O) 

Magic Reindeer Food ~ Recipe: - 1/4 cup dry oats - 1/4 cup brown sugar - 1 teaspoon cinnamon - Handful of green or red sugar sprinkles. Poem: Sprinkle on the lawn at night, The moon will make it sparkle bright. As Santas reindeer fly and roam, This will guide them to your home!I have seen several different recipes for this... such a fun idea for the kids!: Reindeer Food...add to their Christmas Eve boxes!!:
Help guide Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve with this fun Magic Reindeer Food Recipe! Cool printable too! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM:

7. One of my favorite things.....

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Blesses the Internet With 4 New Posters, One for Each Season:
"I smell snow" <3

This whimsical tote bag with a Gilmore Girls quote and yellow daises would surely be Lorelai approved!

Luke's Diner - Gilmore Girls:

Team Dean/Team Jess/Team Logan Gilmore Girls Revival Watching Party

(I'm team JESS -- I think his character on "This Is Us" helped sway that decision though) :O)

Stars Hollow Gilmore Girls Shirt:

Today was the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix! I used every bit of data (plus a few extra gigs) so that Mom & I could watch!! We've watched 2/4 episodes so far.....LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! <3

This Map | Community Post: 29 Things Every “Gilmore Girls” Fan Should Have (If They Don't Already):

*my calendar*


11/02 crew change!
11/03 CT scan (wisdom teeth probs!!)
11/10 "early" Thanksgiving
11/15 crew change
11/16-17 Mother/Daughter get-away
11/18 Bazaar 
11/22 Kamry 7 months
 11/24 Thanksgiving
 5 days - 11/30 crew change


  8 days - 12/03 Tea with Mrs. Claus :O) :O)
13 days - 12/08 {Family Dinner} 
17 days - 12/12 Mom's birthday
19 days - 12/14 crew change (P)
20 days - 12/15 Christmas Brunch at F.C. <3
27 days - 12/22 Kamry 8 months old!!
29 days - 12/24 Christmas Eve!
30 days - 12/25 *CHRISTMAS*
33 days 12/28 - crew change--Peter home for Christmas!!! :O)
36 days - 12/31 New Years Eve :O)


37 days - 1/01 hello 2017!!
45 days - 1/09 Wisdom Teeth out! :O(
58 days - 1/22  Kamry 9 months old!!
60 days - 1/24 Wanda's birthday
62 days - 1/26 Derek & Uncle Louis birthday


81 days - 2/14 Happy Valentine's Day <3 <3
89 days - 2/22 Kamry 10 months old!!

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