Friday, November 11, 2016

~Our Thanksgiving 2016~

-Thanksgiving 2016-

Finally, seven years later, I had both boys together at the Thanksgiving table! Well, technically, it's not Thanksgiving, but it's our Thanksgiving! 

Both boys crew changed on Wednesday, so we planned to meet and have dinner at Logan and Lindsey's house on Thursday. I cooked a bit on Wednesday, the greens, the sweet potato fluff, and the pies, and the plan was to cook the rest when we got there. 

We had a detour first though. We drove to Onancock to see Nathan & Kayla's place. I can't believe they have been there since August and we are just seeing it! (again...scheduling and they do come home every month!!!) 


It is perfect for this year while Kayla is in school. We got to see her for a few minutes in between classes, but she couldn't go to lunch with us. We stopped at the cemetery on our way to Market Street to visit Nanny's and Aunt Stella's graves. It makes me sad that we don't get there very often.

The day was getting away and I know Lindsey was getting nervous that it was almost 2:00 and the turkey wasn't even in the oven yet!! I had planned to do the turkey bag again this year since we had such fabulous results last year!! It had only taken 3 hours so I figured we still had plenty of time. As soon as I got there, we started cooking up a storm. 

I want to start some new traditions with Kamry, like doing a craft together at holiday time. Of course, she's too little this year, but we started with something she could be part of. Little hand print place cards!!! 

Here's my pinspiration:

DIY Tutorial: DIY Thanksgiving / DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Name Place Cards - Bead&Cord

We gave Kamry one of her Christmas gifts early since she is ready to start using it now. She loved her jumperoo right away!! :O)

How thankful & grateful I am for my precious family. For the love and laughter and good times together. I am truly blessed!! 

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