Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful November {Day 22}

What home isn't made better by gratitude. This happy and bright design reminds us of all that we have and always makes one smile. When it is rainy, cold or when you just need to feel love, you can snu

Day 22 - DESSERT

Desserts first! - Brer Rabbit Molasses is pure, all-natural sweetness anyone can enjoy. #dessert #quotes #food:

But seriously, that's not me. I love, love food, but believe it or not, if sweets were not in the world, I would not miss them. I rarely bake, but cook - oh how I LOVE to cook, baking, not so much. Peter, the boys, nor myself have to have dessert, so we usually skip it. Of the four of us, Nathan is the sweets eater, but only certain things. Now don't get me wrong, the occasional donut or slice of pie is delicious, and of course, desserts at Disney---out of this world (and included in the dining plan so technically we have to eat dessert), but on any normal day, I'm sweets free!

Which brings we to Thanksgiving......

pecan or pumpkin??? I usually take a slither of both! YUM!!

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