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Stitch Fix Review - November 2016

Stitch Fix #1 - November 2016

Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription box service. When you sign up you take an in-depth survey about your sizes, your style, and pricing preferences, and then your personal stylist sends you 5 items to try. Shipment frequency is your choice - twice a month, monthly, every other month, or quarterly. The fee for this service is $20 per shipment, and that includes free shipping and free returns. If you keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total and if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount also!

This is my invoice sheet. It lists the prices per item and the discount I’d receive by keeping all 5 items. With the 25% discount and my $20 styling fee factored in, this box would cost me a total of $205 to keep everything – a total discount of $95.

Each box comes with cards with styling suggestions for every piece, plus a little note from your stylist.

I was so excited to open the box and was even more excited when I saw what was inside!! 

(1) Just Black Bianca Straight Leg Jean -$88

I have been looking for a nice pair of basic black jeans/pants. These were a little pricier than I wanted to pay, but they are so perfect and fit nicely! - KEEP

(2) Le Ris Stanley Striped Raglan Top -$48

I asked for tunic style or longer tops and this one is a win! It is super comfy and the fit is perfect. The back is solid black for a more slimming look. Looks awesome with the black pants. - KEEP

(3) Fate Faux Suede Quilted Vest - $78

And again, a win!!! This vest is lined/quilted but isn't heavy at all. I like the shape and fit. It looks so good with the above two items! - KEEP

(4) Romolo Munroe Feather Pendant Necklace - $28

It's like this stylist read my mind! I needed a long necklace and gold was my preference. The feather pendant is super stylish! - KEEP

(5) Blu Pepper Melanna Cargo Jacket - $58

This piece is the icing on the cake!! I've been searching for an olive military vest or jacket and this one is super-gorgeous!! Honestly, I would never have picked it off the rack, but I absolutely love the style and detail, it is so one of a kind!! - KEEP

THOUGHTS: I really loved this fix! I thought my stylist picked some amazing pieces for me. I am so excited to wear them!! I had been looking at some of the reviews for SF and while they were mixed, I decided to take the plunge and sign-up. For now, I'm trying a once a month box. Options can easily be changed if future shipments aren't as pleasing or it's not in your budget. I hesitated about keeping all 5 items and forking out $200 bucks, but I feel they are well worth the money and.....I will use some Christmas cash and let a few pieces be gifts. If I hadn't kept all the items, I had 3 days to return (in the postage paid mailer included). To pay, just log on to your account and check items you are buying. Discounts applied automatically. There is a feedback page as well as a place to leave notes to your stylist for future shipments. Be sure to pin lots of ideas to your Pinterest style board so that your stylist can get ideas for future items perfect for you!!

* For each item I keep, I am planning to purge my closet of an item. I am hoping to update my wardrobe, yet scale down a little in the process. 

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