Thursday, April 3, 2014

{weathered wood}

My latest obsession is weathered/distressed/reclaimed wood. I had already started liking the weathered wood look, but really fell in love with it when I found that perfect little table in Marshall's {which btw...didn't work out} :0(. I'm still on a mission to find another one like it, but, in the meantime, I've decided to do a weathered wood make over on our old oak coffee table. Actually, my Dad is going to be doing most of the work on this project since I have zero carpenter skills! But, here are my ideas and photo inspirations......
I really love this one! I like the dark stain.

I like the look of this one. I love the gray!

If I were buying a new table I would choose this!!!

light stained!
white paint on bottom/ stained top
all photo sources:Pinterest

update on my table makeover soon.....

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