Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've been wanting to paint our shutters for quite awhile now, but couldn't decide on a color. I finally bought the paint last fall, but have put off starting this project. Nathan is on spring break and wanted to make a little extra cash, so I've put him to work this week. We are getting lots of things marked off of our big to-do list: the shed yesterday, and today, we did some painting outside. He also power washed the house, and started on the shutters.
We have had green shutters for 22 years, I think it was time for a change, don't you?

I went with brown {I know, how much more exiting than green!}, but while trying to decide, I kept going back to shades of brown. I was crossing my fingers that I would love the color and I do!  I was looking for a cocoa color and this was the closest to what I was picturing.

Color: Valspar Bittersweet

I've ordered white vinyl house numbers from etsy for our house sign. Now, I just need to decide what color to paint it.

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Michelle Anne Rufino said...

I think warm colors like brown would look great with the light color of your house, so that is definitely the right decision. The new color really made the house more appealing and the shutters or window blinds became a very good accent to the whole structure, which is really good.

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