Thursday, April 25, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: our next vacation????

Nathan mentioned a few days ago that the Bears are playing the Redskins in Washington in October.

All three of us got excited about the thought of going to see the game, especially Nathan. He was ready to get online and buy tickets, but there is one little problem with that.......we don't know if Nathan will be able to go. He will be applying for a job with a tugboat company this summer, and depending on if/when he gets hired, he may not be home to go. We are very interested though in taking this little trip to see our second NFL game. Our trip to Charlotte in 2010 to see the Bears/Panthers game was one of our favorite times together!

Right now, we are going ahead with the pre-planning, but will have to hold off on purchasing tickets for awhile. I really hope we are able to go, but will be happy if the reason we can't is because Nathan gets a job! :O)

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