Friday, April 5, 2013

30 Spaces/30 Days: Spring Cleaning

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Space 18 of 30: Wash all windows
I did this on Wednesday, after Nathan power washed the house. I am really loving our new windows, so much easier to clean than our Anderson windows. I love that you don't have to remove the grills, and that they tilt in to clean. The only window that I need a ladder for now, is our front bay window, which we hope to replace next. Peter put all the screens in today....hoping for some warmer weather soon! We finished painting all of the shutters yesterday, and Nathan put them all back up. I really love how it turned out! I'm still waiting for my vinyl house numbers to show up so I can redo the sign, and I plan on picking up some pretty, colorful pots {or paint to paint my own} next week. I also need a wreath to replace the bunny wreath I took down yesterday.

Space 19 of 30: Wash Curtains
While doing the windows, I washed all the curtains that needed cleaning and hung them back up. I am pretty satisfied with all of them now, except for the front room. I will be looking for something to replace the printed ones I've had up since the re-do.

Space 20 of 30: Clean Tub/ Wash Shower Curtain
Nothing exciting here- I'm still using the same one I've had up for awhile.

Space 21 of 30: Scrub Laundry Room Floor/ Back Door
Done....I'm keeping my DIY monogram on this door, I think it looks good there.

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