Sunday, July 8, 2018

{more fourth of july fun}

Nathan and Logan both had a 4th of July crew change this year. Nathan left on Tuesday evening and met up with Terry at Logan's where they started their drive and getting to NY by 3 a.m. Logan left home around midnight. He and Lewis drove to Philly, then flew out to Mississippi with the rest of the crew around 4 a.m. By far, this is the biggest negative of being a tug boater.....being gone and missing things!!! They both got to enjoy a little pre-4th celebrating with their families before they went back.....

N, K, & R went to a family cook out at Dixie & Gary's on Sunday........


On Tuesday evening, L, L, & K grilled on the deck and enjoyed their new pool!

and a quick brothers get together before heading back to work....



Kamry and Lindsey spent the 4th of July with friends.....


Rowen's 1st Fourth!


summer dayyyyys....



An entire week of 4th of July FUN!!!!

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