Wednesday, February 14, 2018

~our little valentines~

~our little valentines~

lots of hugs & kisses to these two special little valentines!
Nana & Pop Pop love you so very much!!

Kamry ~ 22 months old...loves all things Peppa and jumping in muddy puddles!
She is the happiest, smartest, sweetest, girl you'll ever meet and is just so much fun!
For Valentine's Day this year, we gave her this cute outfit, (a book) and took her and mommy out to lunch!

Rowen - 4.5 months old....and is at the sweetest stage...he is a happy boy, loves when you sing and talk to him and just being around people. He's obsessed with Puppy Dog Pals, loves bath time and taking naps when you cover his head with a blankie! :O) 
We gave him Valentine's Day books, bibs, and a cute outfit.

Happy Valentine's Day to our sweet little valentines!!!! 
<3 <3 <3

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