Thursday, March 9, 2017

{good things thursday}

[one] when your house isn't staged, this is actually how it looks...always.........
my Mom has so much style, their home is beautiful!!:O)

[two] when your boys can be together......
Logan filled in on a different boat in NY for a few days last trip. He ended up being the launch boat that took Nathan out to his barge. Nathan took this pic of Logan at the wheel. He is so proud of his brother, as are we of both our boys. I know this meant a lot to both of them (plus gave them a little time together). <3

A few pics Logan took last trip....

[three] I love, love Instagram....I love posting and I really love IG stories! 
I now have 300+ followers :O)

[four] a couple of my new favorite snacks......yummmmm

[five] grilling...all.year.long

[six] current favorite dressing....
Marie's Mango Chardonnay Vinaigrette 

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