Sunday, March 5, 2017

{disney vacation 2017}

Planning....what planning?!?! We just get up in the morning and if we feel like going to Disneyland that day we go  there is no planning!

This time last year it was sunny, 80 degrees, and we were spending the day in Animal Kingdom!!!!

Read my trip report {HERE}{HERE}{HERE}

I was so disappointed when our trip got cancelled postponed. I love, love our Disney vacations and the thought of not going this year made me sooooo sad!!!! We are starting to talk about a fall trip and I am getting super excited about going that time of year! Fall is my favorite time of year and I know I would love being in WDW then, with all the gorgeous fall decorations and theming. So, now to get past the talking stage and move on to the planning stage. We haven't done a big fall trip in awhile, so I'm looking forward to counting down to vacation time over the summer!!:O) :O) :O)

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