Friday, March 31, 2017

{5 on friday}

You didn't know I was a farmer too did you??? LOLOL
Far from it! Poor things don't get a lot of TLC when Peter is away. 
I throw a little corn and gather up the eggs 
(which I don't eat...but that's a story for another day...LOL).
I do like the farmhouse-y feel of having chickens though, 
since I'm loving the farmhouse-style these days! :O)

Speaking of farmhouse-style....Walmart now has a complete line of it!
Galvanized containers and trays and other cute farmhouse decor!
I almost picked up this baby during my last shopping trip....

Only 10 bucks! I just didn't know where to hang it, so I put it back....
I may have to go back!
I did pick up these cute succulents! 
They are the only kind I won't kill!! They look super real and only $3!
I'm not the biggest Walmart fan, but I'm loving all the farmhouse decor!

Spring cleaning continues.....
Dressers are neat and organized thanks to the #konmarimethod!
Instead of putting shirts in the dresser in piles, stand them on their ends so that you can see them all at a glance when you open the drawer. Peter loves this (and me too because he doesn't wear the same shirts over and over! :O)

I love a good salad and like to try different dressings. 
I knew I couldn't go wrong with anything that said Panera on it!!
spring mix + spinach + turkey + blueberries + parmesan + croutons

It's back!!!!
The Amazing race started season 29 on Thursday night.
After week 1 - my favorite team is London & Logan #teamLoLo
followed closely by Seth & Olive #teamAmerica

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