Sunday, February 7, 2016

14 Week Organization Challenge: The Dining Room

The 2016 Home Organization Challenge
2016 Home Organization 101:
Week 3 - The Dining Room
I am following along with A Bowl Full of Lemons for week three of the organizing challenge. Last week, we focused on the pantry. Since I don't have a designated pantry, last week's challenge took very little time to complete, so I went back to week one (the kitchen) and finished the checklist.
Week #3 focused on the dining room. Since we have an eat-in kitchen, the dining room was easy to get organized.
I washed the placemats, wiped down the chairs and table, and scrubbed the floor. I did buy a new boxwood at Marshall's for the centerpice. :O)
I need to try to get a clearer picture,
this one taken with iPad...not the best!
On to week #4....The Launch Pad

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