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14 Week Organization Challenge: The Master Bedroom

14 Week Organization Challenge:
The Master Bedroom
The 2016 Home Organization Challenge
2016 Home Organization 101:
Weeks 6 & 7 - The Master Bedroom + Closet
I skipped Week 5: The Living Room for now. I want to start spring cleaning when we get back from vacation, and really, this room has little organizing / more cleaning to be done. So, on to the master bedroom.....

I'm combining weeks 6 and 7 since they are in the same room and I am working on organizing clothes anyway. This came just in time since (a) I just cleaned out the attic, (b) I'm packing for vacation, (c) it's almost time to change out seasonal clothing, and (d) I still have scaling down my wardrobe on my mind!
I started with the closet: It's recommended to take everything
Trust me, this picture does not do this "mess" justice!!
Next, make piles and before putting an item back in, ask a few questions...
Wardrobe Editing Decision Guide Infographic - How to Get Rid of Clothes Decision Tree Chart | fashion, closet, minimalist living, minimalism, simple living:
Have I worn this in the past 6-12 months - if not....out.
Does it fit - if not....out.
(I struggled with this, because I always think I'll lose those pounds and wear it next season..NOT).
Do I love it? - if not....out.
Is it dated? - if so....out
Is it stained or does it need mending? - if so...pull and clean/mend.
Do I have more than one of this item? - if so....out
So, I actually did purge the closet this time. I have a large and small tote to donate, I threw away a small bag of stuff, I gave a few things to sister, and I listed a few things on EBay (if they don't sell- I'm donating them as well). I actually had 4 large totes full of "stuff" in the attic that I've been meaning to list on EBay, so after Mom and I organized it last week, I was determined to get it out of there! Again, if it doesn't sell, it's finding a new home. I still have lots more to sell, and hope to get everything listed once we get back from vacation.
Back to closet purging....I keep all of my clothes in the closet. I do not have (or want) a dresser. Peter has one for all of his clothes (except a few dress shirts/pants that hang in my closet). I use bins/baskets for underware/socks/pjs/etc. I stack folded t-shirts and jeans on the shelves.
I hang purses on binder rings, keep hoodies rolled up in a basket, and hang scarves on scarf hangers. Here are a few after pics:



I keep all of my coats/jackets in this closet, Peter's go in the den closet. I keep most of my shoes/boots in the bottom of this closet, but keep my most used shoes on a shoe rack in the den closet for easier access.
I actually had a little left-over space once I put everything I was keeping back in. A few things are missing, since I already started packing, but the closet still won't be overflowing with the extra items.:O)

I have several different bins/baskets in my closet but I want to replace them with matching bins asap.
I had really wanted to keep my year-round warbdrobe in the closet and not store any clothes in the attic, but I had too many bulky sweaters that I couldn't stand to look at all summer. I managed to scale down to ONE bin of seasonal clothes that needs to be stored. I'll do the same when I rotate summer clothing.
While I made things look much better and less cluttered, there is still room for improvement. My goal is to scale down to a capsule wardrobe that overlaps each season.
Here are a few inspirations:
I love this wardrobe plan. It includes all seasons, lounge wear, shoes, bags and intimates!
My favorite DIY projects are the ones that de-clutter my life! Awesome post about drastically purging your closet so that all that's left are the things you really love. Such great motivation!:
great post on how to declutter your wardrobe!:
Greater Than Rubies' Winter Remix Recap {20 Pieces, 44 Outfits}:
casual capsule wardrobe!:
 I still need to organize Peter's dresser and the corner armoire', but I plan to finish up the bedroom by the weekend.

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