Saturday, January 2, 2016

we're headed north!!

For the past 6 or so years, in lieu of gifts, Peter and I have done a vacation after Christmas. We are completely in love with Disney and can hardly wait to go back (we even start planning next year's vacation before we even leave). This year was going to be no different, other than moving the dates up from late January/early February to the beginning of March due to Peter's schedule. By Christmas though, we normally had already booked and paid for our vacation, but this year, we both seemed to be dragging our feet. We started talking about our need to make plans, and decided that it just wasn't going to work if we wanted to stay as long as we usually do and drive down again. We thought about shortening our stay and even considered flying down this year (Peter hates flying, but was willing to do it this time).

I suggested we change our destination this year. We talked about several destinations, considered a cruise, but ultimately, we decided on a NEW YORK vacation!!!! I am beyond excited!!! I have wanted to go back since I took an all girl's overnight bus trip a few years ago and then Dad, Derek, and Julie went last spring. Peter hasn't seemed interested in going to NY until recently, but loved the idea of going this year since our Florida trip wasn't coming together. :O)

We will still go on vacation the first week in March, but of course, since we will be staying in the city, it will probably only be for 4 days/3 nights. This should give us plenty of time though to see the city and do all of the tourist-y things. :O)

I am now in full trip-planning mode and want to plan the perfect trip!! The very first thing we decided on: See The Lion King on Broadway!!! We thought it was perfect since The Festival of the Lion King show in WDW has always been our favorite! :O)

The Lion King, Minskoff Theatre, NYC Show Poster

I have so much research and planning to do (and it is a bit overwhelming), but I am soooo excited to be heading north this year to an all-new destination for us (while keeping our return to Disney in mind for next year!) :O) :O)

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