Monday, November 23, 2015

volleyball 2015

#52weekphotochallenge #play #volleyball #fun #nathan

...some of Nathan's team: Nathan, Joseph, Cameron, Lance P., and Connor
(not pictured: Jan and Jeremy)

This was the team to beat...

Kayla's team won the championship in the girl's division!

Nathan reffing the girl's game.


Nikki & Tara

This was the sweetest....Lukas and Will were the best at Hula-Hooping! :O)
Nathan's team tried....
but in the end, they lost the championship game to:
Denny, Scott, Jordan Ray, Trey, Lance D., and Troy
A fun night with friends!
Nathan LOVES sports, but rarely gets a chance play anymore.
He was happy he was home for the tournament. :O)


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