Friday, November 6, 2015

The Simple Woman's Day Book: November 2015

For Today...11/06/15

Outside my window....

a nice, warm, fall day!!
 fall colors

I am thankful....

for all the blessings in my life (big and small)!!
 Thanksgiving chalkboard art

I am wearing...

capris & a tee
(it's almost 70 degrees!!)
 I <3 Fall chalkboard
a favorite quote of the day....

blessings over burdens....
In the kitchen....

fall cleaning the kitchen this week (a wall-a-day)

- coffee station
- (new) pictures
From the board room (Pinterest):
Thanksgiving Decorations | Thanksgiving Sign
I LOVE this DIY sign!!

One of my favorite things....

stollen bread
(which I found at Marshall's the other day)

It's the only part of Christmas I want to see right now.
I can't believe people started decorating the day after Halloween!!!
It's still FALL y'all....enjoy it! :O)

Haha YES!!!!!!!! So Me I'm Soooooo Ready For Christmas

on the calendar....
(and it's starting to get crazy!)

 1 day - 11/07 {Morgan & Tyson} wedding
5 days - 11/11 crew change (P & N --> home // L--> work)
7 days - 11/13 Nathan (Hockey Game)
15 days - 11/21 our "Thanksgiving" dinner
17 days - 11/23 Volleyball Marathon
19 days - 11/25 crew change (P & N --> work // L--> home)
20 days - 11/26 Thanksgiving Day
21 days - 11/27 Black Friday {get tree??}


  36 days - 12/12 Mom's birthday
42 days - "Christmas" w/ L & L :O) :O)
49 days - Christmas Day
56 days - Happy New Year 2016!
 100 days - 2/14 Valentine's Day
117 days - 3/2 DISNEY VACATION 2016!!

Thankful Chalkboard


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