Monday, November 30, 2015

Thankful November [Day 22-30]

Day 22 

I am thankful for my blog. 

I say this often, but I love having things recorded by pictures and journaling. I was looking at my post from last Thanksgiving and had totally forgotten that Nathan and Logan finally got to see each other (for a few minutes) for the first time since June. Logan had been to school all week and was headed back to the boat and Nathan was on his way home. I enjoy looking back through my posts and pictures. I'll be starting my 6th year of blogging in January. :0) I can't imagine not having my's one of those "little things" for me! :O)

Day 23 

I am thankful for beach walks.

Day 24 

I am thankful for a comfy bed (and a good night's sleep).

Day 25 

I am thankful for pictures. I love taking them, and I love looking through pictures on Instagram and pictures my family shares. I try to save a few pictures from each month of the year in albums or on my blog.

Day 26 

I am thankful for my family!!!

Day 27

The Bears beat the Packers!!!!
NFL on ESPN's photo.
I enjoy watching football (especially when the Packers lose!)

Day 28

I am thankful for online shopping.

Day 29

I am thankful that I can buy gifts for my family and friends, and also to share with those in need.

Day 30

I am thankful for Advent. The daily devotions are great way to prepare for the season. I also love the Jesse tree that Mom uses for Advent (like this one).

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