Thursday, November 19, 2015

Amazing Race

So.....I definitely don't love this season as much as last (((when my favorite team Tyler & Laura won #teamsocal)))....but, I'm tuning in every week and with teams left, I really don't have an absolute fave. I do know who I don't like though.....

Meet The Cast Of The Amazing Race Season 27

Justin & Diana -wayyy too cocky and overbearing. #TheGreenTeam

#TheGreenTeam busts out a rap or trois in Paris
Chris & Logan  - I wanted to root for them if for nothing else, but because of the name Logan (I really love Logan for a girl's name too!!!) But that husband Chris......I just can't! #ThePaparazzi
Logan and Chris #ThePaparazzi figure out who will participate in the next challenge

Denise & James Earl - this mom/son duo gets on ma nerves!!! #TeamAlabama

In Detour B, Denise and James Earl (#TeamAlabama) play the piano in Krakow's Old Town Square
Tanner & Josh - moved up a few notches on my like list after playing such a fair game with the cheerleaders last week. #TeamTexas

2. Low: #TeamTexas stopped to do some sightseeing in Paris and lost their lead.
Tiffany & Krista - probably won't win, but they are trying soooo hard. #TheCheerleaders

7. High: When #TheCheerleaders Double-Dutched for 45 seconds straight.
So, I guess as of now, I'm rooting hardest for Kelsey & Joey.....They are easy going and are playing a good game without all the drama. Go #TheReporters!!!

#TheReporters navigate their way to the next location

I love this show! I love seeing all the different countries and their cultures! 

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