Thursday, October 24, 2013

Football, Food, & Lots of Fun {part 2}

I realized two things on this trip.......{1} Three people don't fit all that well in a king size bed, and {2} Nathan is a horrible bed fellow! But not even lack of sleep could curb our excitement - we couldn't wait to get to the game. I couldn't believe we could be hungry after the amount of food we had eaten the day before, but once we got ready, we all headed downstairs for breakfast. It was SUPER busy and crowded. I don't think they were quite prepared for this breakfast rush, but they did a good job keeping things refilled and taken care of the best they could. The hotel had only been open since Monday, so this was their first weekend and a football weekend at that. I was a little disappointed with breakfast, since I was remembering the amazing breakfast we had gotten at the Residence Inn in Charlotte, and was expecting something similar. We never even made it to the waffle bar....bummer! Overall, I was very satisfied with this hotel. The staff was very helpful and nice, and the room was perfect {even with the 4 of us staying in it}. We were able to park for free and keep the car at the hotel until after the game. We had decided on getting a cab, but realized later we could have walked {less than 2 miles}. More on this later! :O)
Everyone was decked out in their Bears gear and talking about the game, this made Nathan even more anxious to get to the field after breakfast.
our "unlucky" jerseys!

Ready for some football!!

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