Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge: Goals

3 goals for the week

I have many things that need to get accomplished this week, but three that top my list are:

{1} Finish cleaning the b&b for opening day on Thursday. We are almost there, and it really looks good! I can't wait to post pictures, especially of the new room!!

{2} Take care of graduation related stuff like decide on seating, choose pictures for the slide show, write and send out invitations, buy outfits for the 3 of us for senior dinner and outfits for graduation for me and Peter.......I need to do this, like last week!

{3} One more night of prom decorating {Thursday}. Prom on Friday! After the Grand March, the jr. & sr. mom's will set up chocolate fountain, and hide clues for scavenger hunt. Love PROM!!!!

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