Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Menu Planning

Monday April 8-Sunday April 15
Nathan called last week's meals "Your worst ever!"......I guess that's why I've been putting off posting about it.
Here's a recap:
Monday 4/8- Breakfast for dinner: blueberry pancakes & bacon. I thought this was a great dinner, Nathan, not-so-much. He picked through his pancakes, fishing out all the blueberries. He loves blueberry muffins, so one would think he would love blueberry pancakes.....right??? Wrong! He said he only likes the fake blueberries, not the real ones that pop when you eat them. Go figure!!

Tuesday 4/09- We were away all day, so Peter and I had a big lunch at Red Lobster. Nathan wanted to go home early, so he had a quick sub from Subway. I made pizza and shrimp dip that night. This was his best meal of the week!

Wednesday 4/10- single fried oysters (which Nathan can take or leave) I did make a box of shells and cheese (a staple) for him, so that perked up the meal somewhat. :O)

Thursday 4/11- Hot Dogs, fries, & corn. I asked Nathan if he wanted his hot dogs on the Foreman grill or just boiled. He asked "hot dog sandwiches"?... "for dinner"? Um, yea......LOL.... I think I've cooked too many yummy Pinterest dishes this winter! :O)

Friday 4/12- PTA Sub Sale: These coldcut subs are so good! Nathan was disappointed because I had ordered it with stuff on it he didn't like, so he picked at it.

Saturday 4/13- We had fish today (again, not Nathan's favorite), but it was my favorite, we had baked shad. I posted about this last year. Here is the link to that post.

Sunday 4/14- Tacos

Overall, a pretty good meal plan, but Nathan thought otherwise.

This week started off pretty good:
Monday 4/15- Pork Chops w/rice (one of Nathan's favorites!) and broccoli
Tuesday 4/16- Spaghetti w/ garlic bread
Wednesday 4/17- a busy evening, so we ordered out.

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