Saturday, April 20, 2013

weekend catch-up

It's been a very busy week at our house and I'm really feeling it! I've spent most of this week working out in the yard....Yard work=HARD work! Oh, my aching back at the end of the day....but thanks to a good night sleep, I'm raring to go the next morning.....somewhat!
For the past few years we have focused on the inside of our home, so finally this year, after much coaxing, we are sprucing up outside a bit! More on that in a future post, when I get some pictures.
For now, here's a look at the before:

I's pretty bad! I'll get some pictures of the after next looks sooooo much better now!
Aside from all the yard work, I've been really busy taking reservations for the b&b. I've had tons of emails and phone calls this week. May 1st is quickly approaching, the party is just about over....we start getting the b&b ready on Monday. It's funny though, how I don't think I'll be ready to go back to work, but I always am when the time comes. I'm actually excited this year, I can't wait to decorate the new rooms. I've been taking pictures during the re-do, which I'll post once it's complete.
Nathan cooked dinner for Kayla on her birthday on Thursday. He made Chicken Alfredo, Salad, and Rolls. I made her a Peanut Butter Pie.

Sweet 16.....

I have done pretty good so far with not being too emotional about graduation, but it seems like things are happening so fast. I barely have time to take in one thing before the next thing pops up. Nathan got his Merchant Mariner's Credentials last week, and that made things very real! Then, he bought home his cap & gown....

oh my....everything is happening so fast. But, he's excited, so we're excited! :O)

Peter bought a martin house and put it up in hopes of coying some purple martins.

There are lots of them flying over, but they are tricky birds and it takes time to get them to visit your house {if ever...}. One evening, I sat and watched them as the flew over......checking out our new birdhouse for sure ;O) ;O).....

I finally remembered to take some pictures of the island Dad made for me. I went back and dug out pictures of this project.
I had lots of ideas, but ended up using what I already had, and just did a little re-do. I had taken out a cabinet to install our dishwasher, so this cabinet had been in storage for years.

I wanted to add wainscotting to the sides and back, change out the hardware, and give it a fresh coat of white paint. I originally thought about putting a longer top on it and adding legs for support, but I had a piece of butcher block that would fit, so I went with that. I plan on changing my kitchen countertop in the near future and will change the island countertop as well. I really like the size of it, but might extend it like I had planned when I replace the countertops.
Dad did an awesome job....

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