Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taxes & Tuxes...and other random stuff

Peter, Nathan, & I  had a very productive day on Tuesday. We had a long list of things to do/buy, and most of those things were good things, except for, of course, getting our taxes done {{{UGH}}}!
With that not-so-fun part of our day out of the way, we were in search of a tux for prom! Kayla's dress color is "Orange Crush", not an easy color to match up, or so we thought. The store where she bought it didn't have a color to match, so we ruled out looking there. And while we've always rented tuxes from Men's Warehouse, and I really wanted to stick with them, they don't deliver anymore, and I really need to have it delivered, so we had to skip MW this year. That left me with one other option that I really wasn't considering, but didn't have much choice. 

To me, it screamed, purple suits and big hats with feathers....LOL...but, it had gotten rave reviews from some of the other Moms who had already gone tux shopping with their sons, so, we decided to stop in to see if they could help us out.

Well, the purple suits were there (along with every other color, pattern, & print) :O) but the nicest salesman directed us to the tux section, where Nathan picked out this in a matter of minutes:

Then, while browsing through the vest color selections we found this:

Perfect!!!   :O) :O) :O) :O) :O)  I can hardly wait for prom!!!

They dropped me off at Target, where I got the deal of the day! I've been looking for some small white shelves to put in the kitchen, since seeing this idea on Pinterest:

source: Pinterest

I don't have room on the adjoining wall to do corner shelves, but can do the layer of shelves on one wall. I've had shelves on my list for awhile now, but hadn't found the right size or price (mainly, the price), until my little Target trip that is. I don't know if they were on sale or I had just overlooked this amazing price before, but the 12" white floating shelves (wall ledge) had a tag that said $1.78....really??? I ran (literally) over to the nearest scanner and sure enough....

I went back and grabbed all 4 of the shelves that were left. I love getting a deal!! Can't wait to put them up.

Then, there was the $1 section at the $1 section!!

16 ct. pkg. of chalkboard tags, sticky notes, gray and white chevron pencil holder for my desk, and two cute frames for my new shelves (yellow & black).
I also picked up a gray/white bin not knowing where I'd use it. It was cute though, and $1, so I bought it home. I really didn't like this basket that I was using to hold medicine on the counter,

so I switched it out for my new container, and it looks much better.....

I got rid of that big vitamin bottle and put them in this jar.

Peter thinks I'm silly/weird, well more like OCD, but he humors me (sometimes). :O)
After Target, I headed to Home Depot, where I had an hour or so alone to browse around.

There is so much I want to do in the yard this year, but I can't seem to get Peter on board. I did get some new pots and some flowers for the front step. More on my yard ideas later.

Nathan went to the mall and had lunch, then went back home early. Peter met back up with me, and we had a yummy lunch at Red Lobster, then a quick trip to Michaels and Walmart before calling it a day.
Nathan had this waiting for us when we got home:

I had ordered Nathan's Grad flag last week!! :O) I can't wait to put it out!

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