Sunday, January 19, 2014

weekend catch-up

Week one down of the re-do project.......Not much that I can do except, of course, PAINT! This week, I painted the ceiling and the moulding for the bedroom.

It's painted and ready to go up. He should get some of the moulding up tomorrow. He has put up almost all of the v-groove and only has a small section left to do. It looks awesome! I'm taking pictures along the way to do a before/after post once this project is complete.
Our house is a wreck! Pretty much every room has stuff in it that doesn't belong there. It worked out great though that we can sleep in Nathan's room while our room is in such a mess. He gets home on Wednesday, which is our target date to hopefully be finished with our bedroom. At this point, I'm thinking of just putting back the comforter/curtains etc. that I took down, and concentrate on redecorating later??? Hmmmm....we'll see.
I'm trying to take one day at a time, but my calendar is so full of upcoming events and I don't want the house to be in such a mess all winter while all of this is going on. Right now, I know it will overlap with several things, including probably our trip, which is now only 19 days away!!!!!!

upcoming events:
the rest of this month is pretty much taken up with the re-do project and planning/ordering for the shower.
2/02/14- Super Bowl {hopefully, the Seahawks will be playing!}
2/06/14- packed & ready to go.....
{we'll stay with Lindsey that night and start driving early the next morning.}
2/07/14- vacation begins!!
2/13/14- check-out.....start driving home that evening. Not sure what day we'll get home.
2/14/14- Valentine's Day <3

3/01/14- Lindsey's Bridal Shower
3/20/14- my birthday! :O)
3/21-3/22/14-basketball marathon

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