Tuesday, January 14, 2014

rainy day=lazy day

A rainy day is a great day for lots of tv watching. Dad gave Mom Doc Martin {seasons 1-5} for Christmas and they have already gone through all of them. They have both raved about it and urged Peter and I to watch. Since I can't seem to get Peter on board, I decided that today was the perfect time to start watching.

OK.....I'm hooked!!!!!! I hadn't even heard of this show, but I'm loving it! Can't wait to watch more. Check it out if you get the chance.

Rainy days=Lazy Days

A rainy day is a great day to have breakfast for dinner and I've been waiting for just the right time to use this Christmas gift...

It's was D-E-L-I-S-H!!! :O)

Top Ten & Pin It Tuesday
Well, the re-do project began yesterday, and today we had rain, so no carpenter! :0(
I am so anxious to get this project going and (done), and have lots of ideas swirling around in my head. I am horrible at deciding on details and change my mind daily. It's a good thing we aren't building a new house or we would never move in! It's funny how a project can evolve and grow into something bigger than you had planned. I seem to add something new to my list everyday or make changes to my original idea.
We started in our bedroom. All of the old moulding has been taken down and 2 sheets of the v-groove has been put up. I painted the ceiling last night, since we won't be replacing that one. It shouldn't take long in that room, since it's pretty straight going....walls and trim only.
I had really wanted to do a board and batten wall behind the bed like this:
before/after- adding board & batten

Since we went with the plank paneling for that room, I've decided that may look a bit busy.

I really, really love this look:
board And batten with shelf on wall behind bed - instead of headboard?
We could do the plank paneling on 3 full walls, then 3/4 of the way up on the 4th wall and paint the other 1/4 with a pretty color.

I really LOVE the full length shelf over the bed, so right now, I'm thinking of doing something like this:
no headboard...... LOVE this idea!

Peter would love a headboard of some sort, I prefer the bed without one. I am considering using one of the old headboards I have in storage. One is an old metal bed, but I think it's for a full size bed and may not work. I pinned a few vintage wrought iron beds on Pinterest that I really like.
vintage bed frame <3
vintage-inspired bed frame <3
Vintage Bed Frame
Then, of course, I now want to take down the ceiling fan/light {it's white....with BRASS trim!}. I've recently became infatuated with chandeliers {thanks niece Addison for the inspiration!}. I actually almost ordered one, then rethought the idea and decided to think about it for a bit. Here's a few I really, really LOVE:

beautiful chandelier for bedroom

white chandelier
I'm thinking of changing the color scheme in the bedroom. While I like the teal/mocha, I've used it for several seasons now and I'm ready for an update. I'll continue with the gray....and maybe yellow?

gray + yellow bedroom by a195761

and maybe keep a little of the teal?
Gray + Yellow + Teal (Inspiration board)

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