Friday, January 3, 2014

The Simple Woman's Day Book: January

January 2014

Outside my window: It has been VERY cold the 20's and windy. While lots of people all around us got a few inches of snow, we only got flurries. I really don't want snow, but I would love a bowl of snow cream tonight!

I am thinking: that the holidays came and went way too fast. I was a little sad taking down all the decorations yesterday.

I am thankful for: a warm house. I am also thankful that our electricity hasn't gone out, as many have been without power on this cold night

In the kitchen: Today was the perfect day for a big pot of clam chowder. We also had pigs-n-a-blanket, biscuits, and sweet tea.
I picked up a box of this during my last shopping trip.......

I wondered if it would compare to the biscuits in the restaurant....they came very close! They were delish!!

I am wearing: jeans, tee, cardi, socks & slippers!!! I normally wear short sleeves summer and winter around the house, until the temps drop below freezing that is! I rarely wear a sweater at home, but I'll wear one to church or a shopping day {and I'm seriously rethinking that, since the stores insist on keeping the thermostat on 100 degrees!!!}.

I am creating: I'm now in full wedding shower planning mode!!! My mind is swimming with ideas for decorating and the menu. Next step, check with churches and school to make sure the date doesn't conflict!!

I am looking forward to: the carpenter to begin our project {soon????}, and our vacation in just 5 weeks!

Around the house: the Christmas decorations have been put away {and the attic is nice & neat again}. Also, our bedroom is very bare, since I took everything off the walls and dressers. Whenever the carpenter comes, he'll start in our bedroom first. I took all of the boxes of photos out of the tv cabinet and plan to sort through and organize them. I'm thinking of storing all of my scrapbooks/photos/camera equipment together in one of the new bookcases.

A favorite quote of the day:
{my next etsy purchase!!} :O)

One of my favorite things:
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Review An Unmatched Hardware Experience
Logan and Lindsey gave Peter and I a Kindle Fire HDX.....we {LOVE} it!!!!!!!!!!!
Blogging, Pinterest, and other internet stuff is so much faster and easier. We are also now hooked on games and I've already bought my first book to read {New Year's resolution=read more}.

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