Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful November: Day 23

I am blessed quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook
Thankful November 2013

Day 23: I am very thankful for the Thanksgiving holiday. I love Thanksgiving! I love that special time that is set aside for being with all of my family. Growing up, we alternated Thanksgiving dinners between Mom & Dad's house & my aunts house. While Peter and I were dating, he always ate with my family on holidays. When we got married, our house was added to the rotation at Thanksgiving, then in later years, after Mom-Mom passed away, Mom took over Thanksgiving and I started hosting Christmas dinner. My sister and nephew always come home for Thanksgiving, and last year, my cousin and his family came in from Alabama to join us too.
Our holidays started to change when Logan got his job on the tugboat. Every other year, he misses the holidays, so I would cook an early Thanksgiving dinner for him before he returned to work. Then, when Logan moved away a few years ago, he started celebrating Thanksgiving with Lindsey and her family.
Things changed even more this year when Nathan joined the world of tugging. When he first got the job, he was on opposite tours from Logan, so this meant he would miss Thanksgiving this year. Logan and Lindsey invited us to join her family for Thanksgiving and we thought that this year was a good year to start some new traditions with Logan and his new family to-be.
About a month ago, Nathan's schedule was changed and now he and Logan will both be home for Thanksgiving. We will still be joining Logan & Lindsey, but Nathan decided to stay home and eat with Kayla {then dessert & football @ Gran & Pop's}.
So, this will be a year of change. This will be the first time I've ever spent Thanksgiving away from home. It will be very weird not being in the kitchen with Mom this year and I hate that we won't be there with Nathan and the family.  I wish I could be two places at once, but of course, that's not possible. But, I don't want to let Logan and Lindsey down either and they seem very excited about us coming and spending it with both of them and her family.

I feel very fortunate and thankful though, that I actually get to spend several days with most of my family. My cousin and his family are coming again the year. They arrive on Tuesday, so I'll get to visit with them. Then, we'll spend Wednesday and Thursday with Lindsey and Logan, and on Friday, we get to do a "left-overs" Thanksgiving with Nathan, Julie, Derek, Mom and Dad. So....I guess I am extra blessed this year, I get to share one of my favorite holidays with my family all week long!! :O)

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