Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful November Catch-Up!

Peter and I went away for a few nights, so I've gotten a little behind on my thankful posts!
grateful heart
Thankful November 2013

I am thankful for.....
14. Laughter......our family is quite comical {especially Logan, who always tells the funniest stories!}
15. Living in a small town. After being in the city the past few days, I realize even more how much I love my laid-back lifestyle here in my little town.
16. Being able to pay our bills. It's a good feeling knowing we can pay our bills each month.
17. Having a job. I am very thankful that Peter, the boys and I have a job, We passed by several men along the highway holding signs asking for money and I was reminded once again that I am not thankful enough that we are able to work and have a job.
18. Our little getaway. It is very important for couples to get away for some time alone. It doesn't have to be an elaborate vacation.....a nice hotel, dinner and a movie, no phone or tv or kids or problems....just a little time alone, just us.....I'm very thankful for that!

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