Friday, June 21, 2013

{summer bucket list}

Summer is officially here and since the bucket list idea was such a hit last year, I decided to push my luck and try it again this year!! We don't have little ones any more, so our list is pretty basic. But for our family {who in the past, didn't want to do anything "FUN" or different}, this list is the motivation for the three of us to do more together and actually try a few new things! Last year, we checked everything off the list and we made some great memories!
Here is our 2013 list.....

The list looks similar to last year's list, but I added a few "new" things, like make taffy {Peter's request} and fly a kite {something we all haven't done in years!!}. :O) I'll update with posts {and pictures} as we check things off the list.

Okay guys....let's get started!

Here's the list: click on the checked off items for a link to the post.

*go kayaking
*game night
*VBS Day 3 
*VBS Day 2
*VBS Day 1
*make your own pizza
*grill (Nathan)
*sunset on the beach
*go fishing
*make taffy
*overnight trip
*read a book
*beach day
*4th of July BBQ
*fly a kite {{{LOL}}}
*try a new recipe
*make banana splits
*watch fireworks
*go to a ballgame

*have fun!!!!

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