Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VBS Day 2

Things went a little smoother today. The same 12 kids showed up (with just as much energy}, but things were a little more organized today. After some group singing in assembly, we went to our room and got busy on our craft.

Today's craft:

How to make: Make a cross with painter's tape on a piece of printer paper. Using watercolor paint, paint a design on the paper, filling up the entire page. Once dry, peel off tape to reveal the cross. Write a message or verse on the page {we'll add "Jesus is alive!}. Glue or tape to a sheet of construction paper. Makes a pretty poster! They did a great job on these.

Today's snack:

Betty Anne bought some yummy cookies.

I had planned to play a few games, but before we knew it, our time was up and we needed to head over to the church for the program. The kids LOVE it....and so do the adults. Great message and soooo much FUN!!

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Shanna Watson said...

Love the watercolor paintings!

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