Friday, June 14, 2013

so you have an idea, huh?

Earlier this spring, I mentioned to Peter that I would like to spruce up the backyard. I had so many great ideas floating around in my head {most of them Pinterest inspired} for the space just outside our backdoor. A little backyard oasis.....
I sketched it all out on paper and knew exactly what I wanted: flower beds full of bright, cheery blooms, pavers edged in old bricks and marble chip stones, seating of some sort, maybe colorful Adirondack chairs or even a table and chairs covered with a pretty umbrella, and to make this space even more perfect, a fire pit.
Somehow, {back in March}, my idea and Peter's idea for this backyard project weren't the same. We did, however, end up putting in the flower beds {which are gorgeous!}, and we rearranged the pavers and put up some fencing to keep the goose off the walkway. It wasn't my "dream" space, but it turned out so nice...I really, really love it! :O) I tucked away my other ideas, knowing that Peter would see how good the yard looked and would be on board for more yard improvement next year.

Fast forward to Monday.......Peter came in from the backyard and stood at the kitchen window. He called me in from the living room to show me something outside. He had an "idea".......he suggested bumping the fence back a bit, putting down more pavers, and adding a table and chairs. Great idea Peter!...LOL! :O) He asked if I thought it was a good, yea.....then he just kept going on and on about grilling and eating at the table under the umbrella, and that we should add tiki torches to keep the bugs away, and I think the words fire pit were even said. LOLOLOL....I just smiled.....
Later, he asked again if I liked his idea. I couldn't hold it any longer. I said I love your idea, but actually, it was MY idea....don't you remember wayyyyy back in March, me telling you all of my ideas and then a certain shopping trip to Home Depot, and I couldn't even get you to come in the garden center to look at all the awesome yard stuff???? LOL
Notice I am taking the humorous side to this. Men are just so funny! I've learned over our 30 {not a typo} years of marriage, that I eventually get what I want, but sometimes I get it in the most roundabout way!!
So, with less than 3 weeks until the 4th of July, we have much work to do if we are going to have the "Big 4th of July BBQ" that Peter plans to have "in our backyard"!! :O):O):O)
Here's how the yard looks now:

......that grassy area will be covered with pavers {and maybe a rug} and a table and chairs will fill that spot. Hopefully, I can post pictures of the updated project the meantime, here are a few pictures of the flower beds.

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