Tuesday, June 21, 2016

top ten tuesday: fitbit obsessed

10 things you'll understand if you are slightly Fitbit obsessed.......

(1) walked in place because you are only a few hundred steps from your goal ✔

(2) got unnecessarily upset because you forgot to sync your Fitbit before midnight ✔

(3) or wanted to cry when you realized you have been walking around with a dead Fitbit all day ✔

(4) taken a Workweek Hustle Challenge a bit too seriously ✔(Never.Again.Wanda!)

(5) and unleashed a competitive side you never knew you had ✔️ (actually, I didn't think I was that competitive)

(6) got a little too excited when you received notification about a new award you just earned ✔

(7) taken an overly keen interest in your sleep habits ✔️✔

(8) deemed all exercise pointless if you leave your Fitbit at home ✔

(9) refused to move when your Fitbit is on charge ✔️✔

(10) and finally, you feel an instant connection with anyone you spot wearing that special band!! ✔️

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