Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016

*role model*protector*mentor*encourager*coach*listener*taxi*bank
*sports fanatic*handyman*king of the remote*part-time fun guy*
*part-time police*tough on the outside*soft on the inside*friend*hero
I had to work until 3:00, but afterwards, Peter and I went out on the boat.
First stop, Watts Island.

Next stop, the Club House (half way to Crisfield). I had never been here (in all my 51 years!!). I think it was time!

While I have no interest in camping out on Watts Island, I think it would be pretty cool to spend a night at the Club House. Grill a little dinner, watch the sunset, then watch the cool.....on my bucket list for sure!! :O) Anyone out there who can set me up???


It was the most gorgeous day on the water!!!
We grilled for dinner......
Although it was Logan's first Father's Day, he missed spending it with his family. He is very anxious to get home to them on Wednesday!! Nathan was home, but other than giving Peter his gift in the morning, was out and about all day. So, we spent the day together doing all the things Peter loves best!! :O)

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