Friday, June 24, 2016

Kamry {2 months old}

Kamry turned two months on June 22nd. At her most recent pediatrician appointment she weighed 6 lbs!! She is the best baby and pretty much just sleeps and eats. She is very pleasant when awake and especially loves her room, which is bright and colorful. She loves bath time (or at least the times I helped with her bath) and even loves tummy time on her mobile/play mat (that Derek gave her).
I got this gown for her from Etsy...still a little big, but oh so cute!! <3

I was so glad to see her (and Logan and Lindsey) this week!! We stopped by on our way to Ocean City on Wednesday and got some snuggles and kisses, and to give her the new outfits we had bought her and also several gifts that had been dropped off at the house. We ended up spending the night on Thursday (we were supposed to come home but Lindsey asked if we could stay and of course, we did!!).

One of my very favorite things:
Getting up super early (the only time I am a morning person!!) and letting Lindsey sleep for awhile. I absolutely love this time with Kamry!!! <3
A few Kamry pics from this month:
Father's Day pic for Daddy

"Happy Birthday" Uncle Nate!

~2 months old~
(another cute outfit we bought for her! LOVE, LOVE shopping for girls!!!)

<3 <3 <3

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