Monday, June 20, 2016

Kamry's Homecoming 6/07/16

Kamry came home from the hospital on Tuesday June 7th after spending her first 6-1/2 weeks in the NICU at Johns Hopkins. Logan and Lindsey spent every minute they could with her and watched her grow and thrive over the weeks,
accomplishing every obstacle thrown at her like a champ.
We were overjoyed when she passed her last test, a second eye exam, with flying colors on Monday 6/06 and was set to be discharged the next morning. I went over on Sunday and started cleaning and getting things ready like a mad woman! :O) Yaaaa!!! She's coming home!!!

Allie's last night without her family.....

She carried around Kamry's blanket all day....waiting patiently....

what a gorgeous day to bring her home.....

They sent this pic en route.....

bless her sweet heart!!! <3 LOVE <3

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, we sat at the window and waited for this.....

what a sight!!!!

They're HOME!!!!!!

meeting little sissy......

Allie approved (and Kamry says she guesses she'll let her stay!) :O)

Bless this sweet family!!!!

Logan had to leave early the next morning, but at least he got to bring his girls home!
I stayed with Lindsey and Kamry until Friday evening, then again from Monday morning until Peter got home from the boat on Wednesday evening. Kamry has adjusted extremely well to being home and is the best baby. Lindsey is doing awesome as well, but was lacking night sleep. To help her catch up on much needed rest, I volunteered to get up early and take care of Kamry until lunchtime so that she could sleep. :O) :O) :O) What a job!!!! <3

I had the absolute best week ever!!! I wouldn't trade spending those first days of Kamry's homecoming with them for anything!!! <3 <3
Thanks again Lindsey for that very special time with both of you!!!
I love you all so much!!

A few pics from my mornings with Kamry.....I may be a bit predjudice, but she is the prettiest little girl I ever saw!!

meeting Uncle Nate for the first time!! <3

Logan went home a few days before Kamry's homecoming to do some shopping at Babies R Us. We hadn't been able to do the shower, so she needed some things for her arrival. She is already getting lots of gifts including gifts from some of my repeat b&b sweet! :O) Thanks again Margaret & Etta K. :O)

Pop-Pop is here!!! :O)

Even though we get daily Kamry pics from Lindsey, I am sooooooo anxious to see them! This Nana is ready for some sweet girl snuggles!! xoxoxoxoxo

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Margaret Seagraves said...

I agree!!! Kamry IS the sweetest, most adorable baby girl ever!!! Susan, I'm so glad you were blessed to spend that time with Kamry and Lindsey! That memory will always be so precious to you!
Kamry is a real miracle!! I feel blessed, as well, to be witnessing this modern day miracle! May God bless all of you with His love and grace and constant protection!
Love, Margaret xoxoxo

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