Friday, August 15, 2014

summer bucket list {update} & a countdown

Summer Bucket List

All we have left to check off is:

* make pineapple ice
* walk down the beach.....all the way to the sand bar...& back!

I had hoped to kayak (at least once), but there are none available this summer. While we were out on the boat the other day, we rode all the way around the beach. I mentioned to Peter that we hadn't walked it in years, so we decided to add that to our to-do list, and maybe make it a new tradition (I guess we'll see how in shape ...or out of shape we are before we actually make it a yearly thing!).

Countdown Update

0 days- August 14/15/16 - Homecoming~ {Lindsey coming on Saturday!}
2 weeks- Labor Day weekend

19 days- September 3- Logan's birthday
20 days- September 4- Football begins!!
24 days- September 7- Bears first game of season

50 days- going to football game in Charlotte, NC (Bears vs. Panthers)!
58 days- last night for b&b season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

105 days- Thanksgiving


Shanna Watson said...

Pineapple Ice!!! My fav :)

Susan said...

It's Peter's favorite too! He buys it from Paulie and Michelle all summer, but keeps asking me to make a batch, so I thought if it was on the list, we might actually make some!:0)

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