Sunday, August 31, 2014

meal planning/grocery budgeting (4)

I am so proud of myself for not only getting through week#1 of eating better and being more organized, but actually enjoying it! I also did much better this week with our grocery budget. I stuck to the breakfast menu, and had no problem eating yogurt w/ granola each morning. I don't eat a lot for breakfast, but usually when I do it's toast with butter....and/or cheese (I really love butter and cheese), the yogurt was definitely healthier. I have also done better with the fruit eating. While I LOVE veggies, I have to really make an effort to eat enough fruit. It really helped having it ready to go in single serve containers. Let's just say I've had my weekly fruit allowance this week!

Lunch has gone well too, although I didn't start until Thursday with the planned lunches. We both love the Pita Pizzas, but Peter wasn't a huge fan of the turkey & cheese wrap on Friday. I thought it was pretty tasty, but I'll try to switch that up a little. I plan to continue through part of next week with the pizzas/wraps, until my stuff is used up. More fruit and/or a few chips on the side, which I also separated into single servings.

I started working on planning a dinner menu. Last week, I concentrated on healthier choices and portions. We had already started this summer with just having a meat and one side, usually just a vegetable. We are trying to cut back on potatoes, noodles, and rice to a few times a week instead of every meal. We LOVE potatoes! I pretty much went day by day this week though. Peter asked for Swedish Meatballs one day, which I served with Brown Rice (something we never eat), steamed broccoli on the side and yesterday, we had Steak Packets (recipe below) and squash w/onions. We've also given up sweet tea for awhile....sigh!! :0(

So, this week was big.....we started actually eating breakfast every day, (even though a small one), I cut out butter, cheese, and white bread and choose healthier options for breakfast, we are more fruit, chose healthier lunch choices, cut back on starch sides with dinner, and a biggie, NO sweet tea this week.......major changes for us!!

Today, I'll plan out this weeks meals and make a list for the grocery store tomorrow. I have lunch taken care of for most of the week, and I have breakfast planned.

I not sure if it's all in my head or not, but I actually do feel better. Now, to keep it up!!

Steak Packets: cut steak into pieces ( I use round steak or cube steak). In a large piece of foil, layer steak, onion slices, and mushrooms. Pour Worcestershire sauce over meat and veggies, then season with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Wrap tightly and put on baking tray. Cook for 1-1/2 hours @400 degrees. I make individual packets for each person. Serve with steak sauce. Delish and super easy!!

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